There are a number of different types of Air Bars and one of them is the Air Bar Max Shake Shake. The shake shake is made by the company, Air Bar Lux. It comes in flavors such as Red Mojito, Blueberry Raspberry and Sakura Grape.

Sakura Grape

Air Bar has come up with the perfect balance of sweet and tart with the Sakura Grape vape juice. Specifically designed for the grape aficionado, this drink-like ejuice delivers a potent jolt of energy with the ultimate cherry flavored exhale. This ginormous bottle of liquid will leave your palate and throat deeply satisfied in no time at all.

If you’re a fan of the vape and drink combo, you’ll find this jumbo sized flagon to be a welcome addition to your collection. The oh so elegant container will deliver a comfortable experience with the help of dual coils and big power. Designed with your pocket in mind, you won’t have to worry about losing your mods. In fact, you’ll even be able to keep your e-juice fresh thanks to the internal 1250mAh battery.

Blueberry Raspberry

For a bold and balanced blue raspberry flavor, try Air Bar Max Blueberry Raspberry. This berry vape is available in nicotine-free or 20mg (2%) strength. The berries on this vape pen are slightly cooled to deliver a sweet and sour combination.

Air Bar Max is made by Goldreams in China. It has a modern design and super 6.5ml juice capacity. It is available in disposable and refillable versions. You can buy a disposable kit that comes pre-filled with 2ml of e-liquid. There are different colors to choose from, so you’re sure to find one that suits you.

Aside from being a vape pen, the Air Bar Max has a modern look and feel. When it’s powered on, it lights up on the bottom. That’s not to say it’s hard to use. All it takes is a single pull to activate the device.

Red Mojito

Red Mojito Air Bar Max is one of the flavors available from the Air Bar series. This is a sweet, refreshing drink that is perfect for summer parties. It has a nice blend of mint and citrus flavors.

The red mojito vape has a hint of lime and a light sweetness. There are many other flavor options from the Air Bar disposable vape line.

You can choose from a variety of flavors including Grapes and Sakura, Berries Shake, Guava Ice, and Shake Shake. All of these products are a mix of sweet and sour fruits, which makes them ideal for summer parties.

The air bar max disposable vape is a smokeless vape that offers unique nic hits. Each pod device comes with 6.5 mL of juice. It is pre-charged so you don’t have to worry about refilling it.

Shake Shake by Air Bar Lux

Shake Shake by Air Bar Lux is a good example of a vape juice pod that’s worthy of a close look. Not only is it the most portable of all the pods on the market, but it also has the coolest features. This includes a built-in battery of 500mAh, a 2.7ml vape juice capacity and a surprisingly ergonomic mouthpiece. In short, this nifty device is a must have for anyone looking to quit smoking cigarettes. It’s also available in a slew of flavors including the minty-mouse variant.

The Shake Shake is a fun little gizmo that’s also a little more than a lil’ flimsy. Whether you’re in the market for a new vape kit or just want to add another to your collection, this one’s for you.

Suorin Air Bar Max

When you purchase Suorin Air Bar Max Shake, you are getting a high-quality vape juice that is loaded with nicotine. With a 6.5 mL capacity, this vape juice is a great way to experience a potent jolt of energy all day long. Designed for mouth to lung vaping, this pod vape has a soft tip, ideal for easy vaping.

Suorin Air Bar Max disposable vapes are made from food-grade materials, making them safe for everyday use. They are also designed to produce a good amount of vapor. The flavor is smooth and will leave your palate and throat satisfied.

This disposable pod vape is designed for those who want an all-day vape that is leak-free and produces plenty of tasty flavors. It can last up to two days depending on how much you vape.